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  • Hi,

    I have been trying to reduce size and only keep relevant feature in a windows 7 image to boot up. I have been using Windows Automated Installation Kit and made a windows PE ISO as well as configured the .wim to hold all the required update files. But when I flash this iso through Rufus-2.18 and make the USb bootable. THe PC just wont start it says enter a bootable device. I dont understand why. If at all someone could show me where im wrong or if im missing something 

    Thank you

    P.S. - My WAIK also doesnt read MakeWinPeMedia says not recognized nor does it recognize PEimage. I am doing these configurations on a windows 10 PC. and want to configure a windows 7 image 
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  • Since you have made a Windows PE iso by Windows Automated Installation Kit, why not use native Windows Disk Image Burner to burn the iso to disk?

    Select the ISO file, then right clicking it, then selecting "Open With" and see if Windows Disc Image Burner is one of the selections. If you don’t see Burn Disc Image option, you have to reassociate Windows Disc Image Burner with the default file types it can handle, which are .img and .iso files.

    After burn the bootable disk, Connect the USB device to the PC you want to work on.

    Restart the PC, and press the key that opens the firmware boot menus.

    Select the USB drive. Windows PE starts automatically.

    About using Windows AIK to create iso, here is a step-by-step video

    How to Create Windows 7 WinPE Boot Disk

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  • HI

    Thanks for the answer but the Windows Disk Image Burner does not burn the image to a USB flash drive it would only burn to a DVD. So I had to go and Download RUFUS which is a third party app and then flash the image. Also I found out that my bios setting has two options on selecting boot device and the hard disk. So i had to select both the options as my USB drive to boot up and Yes now I have a working bootable Windows 7 PE environment.


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  • Very well, glad to hear that you have solved problem by yourself, yes, BIOS setting is an important point that we are easy to ignore, you get it.

    I will introduce your experience to other forum users who meet with similar issue, thank your for sharing.

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