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  • Halo,

    Anda bisa menggunakan PowerShell and Quest cmdlets dengan script seperti dibawah ini:

    function Send-Mail{


     $smtp = new-object$SmtpServer)
     $mail = new-object System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

     $mail.from = $from
     $mail.subject = $subject
     $mail.body = $body
     #$mail.IsBodyHtml = $true


    # get domain maxPassAge password policy
    $maxPassAge = (Get-QADObject (Get-QADRootDSE).defaultNamingContextDN).maximumPasswordAge.value.days

     throw "Domain 'MaximumPasswordAge'password policy is not configured (set to 0)."

    # exclude users that cannot change password
    #$ldap = "(&(!userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=64)(mailNickName=*))"

    # create calculated property to display days until password expire
    $daysUntilExpire = @{n="daysUntilExpire";e={$maxPassAge-$_.passwordAge.value.days}}

    $expireIn = 10

    # get enabled users that meet the above criteria
    $enabledUsers = Get-QADUser -enabled -passwordNeverExpires $false -size 0 -ldap "(mailNickName=*)"

    # exclude users that cannot change password
    #$enabledUsers = $enabledUsers  | where { Get-QADPermission $_ -deny -Account self,everyone}
    $enabledUsers = $enabledUsers  | where { Get-QADPermission $_ -deny -Account everyone}

    $expiredUsers = $enabledUsers | where {$_.passwordAge.value -gt 0 -AND ($maxPassAge-$_.passwordAge.value.days) -gt $expireIn}

    $expiredUsers | foreach { 
     $subject="Your password will expire in $expireIn days"
     $body="Your password will expire in $expireIn days"
     Send-Mail -smtpServer $smtpServer -from "" -to $ -subject $subject -body $body  

    Anda disarankan untuk mengunduh dan install Quest AD cmdlets terlebih dahulu, ubah nilai script sesuai kebutuhan anda dan jalankan. Anda dapat mengunduh Quest AD cmdlets secara gratis disini:



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