Lookup fields in InfoPath form jumping to top of list


  • I have a custom list in SharePoint 2010 and have customized the form using InfoPath 2010. My list has several lookup fields that allow multiple selections, 3 of which point to lists with large amounts of data.

    I have implemented cascading lookup fields (selection in field A filters field B; selections in field B filter field C). That works like a charm.

    The issue I'm having is that when you scroll through the returned results, it periodically 'jumps' back to the top. This causes issues when selecting items if it jumps to the top before you've selected what you want.

    On each of the fields under the Browser options I've set the option to Never for Postback settings, thinking it would stop the apparent refreshing.

    22 Februari 2012 20:04

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  • Hi ,

    I understand that the lookup fields periodically jumps back to the top .So how often  will this happen ?

    I have a test with the web browser form ,the multiple selection look up field doesn’t periodically ‘jumps’ .I leave the Browser options to ‘When necessary ’ . You can set values of the multiple selection lookup field with a filter ,then the options in field B and field C will not be
    too much .

    Add a filter on the entries for FieldB and FieldC  ,so that only cascaded values are received .


    Entan Ming

    TechNet Community Support

    27 Februari 2012 10:03
  • Entan,

    Thanks for the reply. I actually do have the look-up lists filtered, based on selection of another field. There are situations where the results, even filtered are fairly large. The list 'jumps' to the top after making a selection. For example, there are 50 items returned, I scroll down where I can see the 30th and check mark that item, then the list jumps to the top. Very frustrating if you need to select items 30-35.

    01 Maret 2012 2:08
  • Hi Entan

    I have a similar problem and although I've spent quite some time looking around - I can't see that anyone has resolved this issue. We have SharePoint 2010 deployed and I've recently become a fan of InfoPath 2010. However, quite a few users complain about the experience of filling out forms - and this is regardless of IE7 / IE8 or IE9 being used.

    Unlike the question that started this thread I've noticed this behaviour on the simplest of forms, with no look-up fields. Basically just fields capturing a name, selecting a couple of dropdowns and maybe a rich text field.

    This "bounce" (and each form always has a preference for a particular field) is hugely annoying as you think you are in a field, start typing and then realise you are typing somewhere completely unexpected.

    Any suggestions as to where we can start to look? It cannot just be poor form design as it is affecting so many.


    • Diedit oleh kitchint 13 April 2012 10:44
    13 April 2012 10:43
  • I am having the same issue specifically with rich text boxes.

    Users experience a bounce or jump in the form.  I believe it may be attributed to validation rules however these are needed!

    Has anyone else seen this is or got around it?


    11 Nopember 2013 16:55