Terminal Server License Server ID location on Windows Server 2008 Standard


  • I am trying to transfer Remote Desktop licenses from Windows Server 2008 Standard to Windows Server 2016 Standard.  I cannot find the license server ID on the Windows Server 2008 Standard.

    I checked the properties of the server in TS Licensing Manager.  I right clicked the server name and selected Properties.  The Product ID at the bottom of the Connection Method tab is not enough characters (XXXXX-XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXX) and does not appear to be in the correct sequence.  There is no way to click in the field to see more characters.  I don't think there are any more characters.  It looks like the server license ID needs to be 35 characters long in groupings of 5 characters.

    The two servers are not on the same network.

    I entered the IP address of the source license server

    I selected Windows Server 2008 as the source license server.

    I checked the box for "The specified source license server is not available on the network"

    I clicked on the link "More about finding the license server ID" under where the license server ID goes on Windows Server 2016 Standard, but nothing happens.  

    Any suggestions on the location of the license server ID?

    Kamis, 14 Juni 2018 13.00


  • Hi,

    On the Windows Server 2008 SP2 TS Licensing server, please open an admin command prompt and enter the following command:

    wmic PATH Win32_TSLicenseServer CALL GetLicenseServerId

    If successful, ReturnValue will be 0 and sLicenseServerId will contain the 35 character License Server ID.



    Kamis, 14 Juni 2018 13.15