Can I add fields from the Main Form to the repeating section from a secondary data connection?


  • I am designing an Infopath 2010 web form to be published to a SharePoint 2010 server. The form will display the projects owned by a logged-in user using a repeating section with controls. The controls are bound to a SharePoint list connection called Projects. I did this by setting a conditional formatting rule on the repeating section.

    Now for each of the project, I need to calculate a TotalHour based on an attribute of the project (attr1) and another SharePoint List connection called Policy. Using the value of TotalHour, I will populate another field called CalculatedHour using a formula. Both the TotalHour and CalculatedHour fields are on the Main form.

    Should I set TotalHour and CalculatedHour fields to repeating fields? Can I add the TotalHour and CalculatedHour controls inside the repeating section? When setting the default value how can I specify to use the attr1 value of the corresponding project?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Hi istreda,

    We cannot insert a field in Main data source to the list data source/list repeating table. But we can insert Calculated value controls to the repeating table.

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    Emir Liu

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    22 Maret 2012 12:33