RD Gateway prompt for credentials when launching over WebAcess from external


  • Hi together

    I'm a bit new to RDS and have some troubles launching a published app from external over WebAccess with RD Gateway. It always prompts me again for my credentials right after clicking the published app.

    My RDS 2016 farm is a brand new setup:
    - server1.domain.local acts as Broker
    - server2.domain.local acts as WebAccess and RD Gateway
    - server3.domain.local acts as RD Session Host

    I have configured two internal DNS names:
    - which points to the internal IP of server2.domain.local (WebAccess/RD Gateway)
    - which points to the internal IP of server1.domain.local (Broker)

    Also configured a public FQDN which points over a public IP and NAT to the internal IP of server2.mydomain.local (WebAccess/RD Gateway) to get it available from external.

    The RD Gateway is configured with servername "" and a public SSL certificate which contains this name is assigned in the deployment properties.

    For the broker I've runned the "Set-RDPublishedName" PowerShell script to change the name to "".

    I'm now able to connect from external to the website, enter domain\username and password. Then my published ressources are displayed. As soon as I click on a published app it will ask me for my credentials again. If I enter them, I'm able to start the ressource. How may I get rid of this?

    Internally everything is working perfect if I configure my RD Gateway to "Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses". As soon as I remove this thick it also prompts me internally same as externally a second time for my credentials.

    Thansk for any advice :-)

    Selasa, 12 Juni 2018 05.51

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