Enable enterprise features on all sites - Can I undo this?


  • So, I inadvertently selected the option to "Enable all sites in this installation to use the following set of features: SharePoint Server Enterprise Features." This included enabling enterprise features on all users MySites. Is there a way to undo this? Alternatively, is there any easy way to delete all the new libraries that were created on users' MySites (Customized Reports, Drop Off Library, Form Templates, Pages, etc.). It's like 10 different libraries and it's confusing to users.


    01 Maret 2012 4:05

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  • What happens if you disable this feature. If it doesn't You can write a powershell script which goes through the mysites and deletes the libraries.

    Varun Malhotra
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    01 Maret 2012 6:11
  • I don't see an option to disable.

    What would such a powerShell script look like?

    02 Maret 2012 4:29