Problem with sending out e-mails on Outlook


  • I have 3 e-mails standing in my Outlook that are not going out and I need help to solve this issue. My address is through comcast, but I sent an email out from Xfinity and it went to my same address on my phone, but not to the Outlook on the computer.
    Sabtu, 14 Juli 2018 04.00

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  • Hi Christina,

    you have not mentioned the error details.There are many causes for you are not able to send emails.

    Please check the following options to resolve your issue

    is the date and time is correct on your desktop\laptop? if not correct it and try to send it again

    Did you changed you password recently? if yes try to correct the credentials

    Sabtu, 14 Juli 2018 05.38
  • Hi Christina,

    May I know how you set up your email account in Outlook? Did this issue happen suddenly or happen right after you set up this account in Outlook?

    Do you have any attachments inserted in these stucked emails?

    The following Microsoft KB article provided some steps to try when emails stuck in Outlook, you may have a try with these steps:

    Email stuck in the Outbox in Microsoft Outlook

    Hope this helps.

    Steve Fan

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    Senin, 16 Juli 2018 06.49