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  • Judging from the number of entries on this topic there are a lot of people having this problem.

    About a month ago my left mouse button would not open URL's in IE9, but worked correctly at all other times. I tried a number of fixes, using different mice, and un-install and re-install the drivers, all of which did not fix the problem. I searched the Internet and the Microsoft help forums and did not find a solution.

    I found a solution on the Web, that recommended "reseting" IE9. In IE9 go: Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Reset.

    10. července 2012 15:39


  • Hi,

    What's the result after resetting the Internet Explorer?

    You may run Internet Explorer with “no-add-ons” model.

    Troubleshooting and Internet Explorer’s (No Add-ons) Mode

    If the issue persists, you could restore the Internet Explorer by turn off and turn on the IE feature in the control panel ->Programs and Features.

    Note: Before you restore Internet Explorer, please perform a system backup first and backup your favorites.

    On the other hand, to restore the mouse driver or replace another one for further test.


    TechNet Community Support

    12. července 2012 6:03

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