IE9 / Win7 no connection on VPN disconnection


  • Hi there,

    W7 x64, IE9, Checkpoint Endpoint Security VPN client, on domain.

    Auto config Proxy.pac used when VPN connected, should go direct when not. Proxy.pac URL is not resolvable when not on VPN

    Can browse internet on VPN but on disconnection, IE times out with Webpage cannot be displayed. DNS resolution of site is fine.

    Reboot or clearing Temp Internet files fixes.

    Firefox on same PC is fine.

    XP / IE7 on same domain and with same Group Policy is fine.

    KB271361 does not help.


    Update - in fact, all I need to do is delete proxy.pac from the Temp Internet files folder in Appdata\Local\MicrosoftWindows - but why?


    Any pointers please?

    13. října 2011 20:06

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  • How does it work if you disable all firewalls and antivirus? If the issue persists, I suggest you check the default gateway configuration after disconnecting. May be the default gateway configuration is changed but not be changed back. This is caused by the VPN client that may be not fully compatible with Windows 7.

    The IP routing table

    You can select to not use the default gateway of the VPN server.

    VPN Connections and Default Gateways

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    17. října 2011 7:02
  • Thanks for reply Arthur,


    The Windows firewall is always disabled as the Checkpoint VPN client is also the firewall

    Shutting down the VPN client makes no difference.


    IPconfig /all gives the default gateway as my local LAN connection. The VPN connection does not have a gateway set.

    With the VPN disconnected, the VPN connector in IPconfig shpws as disconnected with no IP information.


    XP / IE 7 with the same VPN client is fine.

    DNS lookup on W7 is fine connected or disconnected.

    Deleting Proxy.pac from the temp internet files fixes Window 7 / IE9


    I'm stuck at the moment!

    18. října 2011 8:22
  • Did you find a solution to this problem?

    So far our proxy.pac was working fine (also on Win7 x64/IE9), but now I have some freshly installed clients where it shows the same behaviour as yours..

    Best Regards

    11. července 2012 8:24
  • Hi Michael,

    I've moved on from the company that had the problem so can't check my records.

    If my failing memory serves, we fixed it by making a blank proxy.pac available on the internet as they did not use a proxy when connected via internet only.

    So, VPN connected, IE9 uses proxy.pac from http://domain/proxy.pac which resolves internally and uses internal proxy server.

    VPN not connected, IE9 uses a blank proxy.pac from http://domain/proxy.pac which resolves externally


    11. července 2012 8:51