content filtering in IE9


  • I have been trying and testing the internet content filtering mechanism within
    IE9 on w windows vista machine and it doesn't seem to work correctly.  Here is a
    pciture of a webpage that I tested with.  Under the Ratings tab, all of the
    categories are set to None, on the approved sites tab, I entered (test site) and selected
    never,  under the General tab, I have selected Users can see websites that have
    no rating, and finally noting is defined on the advanced tab.  Yet when I pull
    up, the wbesite is visible
    and a message box appears indicating the website is not visible.  How funny is
    that?   Could you assist me in configuring content advisor in IE9 so that no
    nudity or sexual mareial is visible at all.
    7. července 2012 15:26