Unspecified error with XDomainRequest in IE9


  • Hi,

    this simple request doesn't work in IE9 (9.0.8112.16421) :

    var xdr=new XDomainRequest();'GET','http://mydomain.tld/myscript.php');


    The send method returns an "unspecified error".

    bug XDomainRequest

    I tried all possible combinations :

    - within/without debugging console

    - setting all event handlers (onerror, ontimeout, onload, onprogress)

    - making myscript.php sending a "XDomainRequestAllowed: *" and even a "XDomainRequestAllowed: 1" even though everything is taking place on the same domain...

    - querying a POST instead of a GET

    - trying on 3 different servers (local and remote)

    - disabling all IE add-ons

    - setting IE security level to low-level

    ... Nothing helps.

    While the same test with a XMLHttpRequest is working fine.

    var xhr=new XMLHttpRequest();'GET','http://mydomain.tld/myscript.php',false/true);


    This bug is quite annoying since it prevents many ajax-based websites from performing correctly...

    9. července 2012 10:58