IE stops working and affecting firefox neg and chrome neg. internet running ok. already restored which will not work. Newly install Win 7


  • IE 9 stopped working and affecting firefox neg and chrome neg. already restored several places and dates which will not work. Newly installed Win 7 4-5 days ago!. Cannot remove ie9!! ie9 does not show in CP. Cannot access web on ie9 or chrome with this hd! MY internet WORKS not an internet problem because other computer or web sites work on different hard drives and laptop is working like this explanation.

    What I want is a way to remove ie9 and reinstall ie8 or ie9. May have to go to registery but that is all right. When I open ie 9 and enter search the ie goes bannanas and says it is not working now and to close it down. Firefox has a major problem entering search material or if I do get a web page cannot enter id or password etc.

    Also tried repair disk and all restore dates. No luck.

    Something else  is wrong.  There are NO updates that can be UNINSTALLED in the update section.  Nothing in that section!! even though Windows 7 SP1 and many other updates are installed and are listed in the history.

    I have just done a full chkdsk. Now I can't even reinstall window 7 on this windows 7 install that I just finished a few days ago.  It says that the new install is OLDER  THAN THE ONE I AM TRYING TO CHANGE.  Both would be or have been installed from the same Windows 7 install disk and are of the same age.    It won't let me reinstall!!!


    Friday, April 06, 2012 5:44 PM