Windows 10 SAC Proxy Issues


  • Hi, we have been having a lot of different issues with our Windows 10 SAC machines (Version 1809 or 1803 at least) that i think are related to proxy auto config or pac (web hosted pac file by the way). The issue doesn't happen on LTSB 2016.

    The issue is that when our 1809 or 1803 (maybe some older versions too but not sure) laptops are connected to our VPN, all sorts of strange things happen. The start menu starts being unresponsive, IE locks up with a white screen (no activity or toolbar icons), single-sign-on to our home page (cloud based) doesn't work and prompts for credentials as if we were off network, The Wifi icon in the system tray has a yellow bang that indicates no internet access. 

    I am able to solve all of these issues by simply stopping our forcepoint (aka websense) agent on the laptop. if i do that everything starts working again. I know this is not a forum for forcepoint but nobody has been any help on this so i am a little desperate for any help at all. 

    The issue doesn't happen all the time. but i can usually reproduce it after unplugging the network cable and switching to wifi, then connecting to our VPN. 

    Again, this doesn't happen on LTSB 2016 (which is version 1609). so my thinking is that maybe there was a pac file schema change in newer versions of windows 10 and our existing pac file is maybe not compatible.

    Any help at all is appreciated. 

    Monday, January 7, 2019 3:25 PM