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  • I like other people prospective of an issue I am experiencing an issue with Internet explorer 9 still trying a dead proxy server the issue is with the operating system windows 7 and internet explorer 9, the other versions of IE are not having an issue The proxy.pac file is configured to use a proxy appliance in a Wellington (Proxy_1) and a proxy appliance in Auckland (Proxy_2) this is divided by geographical locations. When the Proxy_1 is powered down users are able to still browse the internet via Proxy_2 as designed. IE9 communicates to the Proxy_1 and surfs the internet and goes to the website without any issues through, when the appliance (proxy_1) is powered down the IE9 users then go to the website this session goes to the proxy server proxy_1 first after 30seconds goes to the proxy appliance proxy_2, this is fine as it is usual behaviour. The issue is when the more information comes down from the website or a new TAB is created these request still goes to proxy_1 (as this has not been added to the “Bad Proxy List”) then fails to proxy_2 so a simple page can take 5 minutes to load. So the user sessions still try to go to the first Proxy appliance defined in the proxy.pac file and have not placed the proxy_1 in to the “bad proxy list” I am enquiring if you have experienced this issue before, as stated the Windows XP and server 2008 computers do not experience this behaviour..
    Wednesday, December 7, 2011 8:33 AM

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