EDGE returns Bing search results instead of navigating to URL entered on address bar RRS feed

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  • I'm trying to paste a URL directly on the Address bar on EDGE.

    The URL is being copied from an IE Address bar, I want to compare site rendering on different browsers.

    EDGE will change the icon from magnifying glass, to World icon or to History icon depending on IT thinks it's going on.

    If I'm typing, no problem (not detected so far).



    When pasting a familiar URL it turn the icon to history, but all other unfamiliar URLS to go Search automatically

    something like the following URL

    https://5.energybrokerbackoffice.com/account/EmployeeDetails.aspx  would be treated as a search.

    if I delete the page name EDGE recognizes the URL and pulls 2 icons, search and History. 

    if I then start typing something, the icon goes bank to search mode.

    There is no option on the EDGE Advanced setting to Turn OFF search from the address bar, just an option to switch to other providers.

    Issue number 1, why is it defaulting to searching?  and how do you turn it off.

    issues number 2, identified while trying to fix issues #1, on the Search from Address bar configuration you can pick from Bing or some other obscure search engines (discovered by EDGE) and Google.  I removed all of them except BING.  but I can't remove the last entry and there is no place to enter a new search engine if I wanted to make ASK.com my default search engine.

    I think issue #1 is a bug, issue #2 is either a bug or a desperate grab for increasing Bing traffic.

    Any suggestions on how to eliminate issue #1 would be highly appreciated.

    Performance, Reliability and Automation!

    Monday, May 16, 2016 9:51 PM


  • Issue 1: Fixed in the next major release. The current preview and the recent ones have had a Paste and go option that works with the longer 'page' link above.

    Issue 2: Searches on Edge cannot be added user, they are added when OpenSearch sites are visited, from the Learn more link below the Search settings in Edge;

    But Microsoft Edge uses OpenSearch technology, so you can change the default search engine.
    1. In the Microsoft Edge browser, enter the search engine’s website (for example, www.contoso.com) and open that page.
    2. Select  More actions (…)  >  Settings , then scroll down to select  View advanced settings.  In the list under  Search in the address bar with,  select  Change.
    3. Select your search engine’s website, then select  Set as default.  If you don’t select the search engine, the  Set as default  button will be greyed out.

    So as an example open https://www.startpage.com/ and then it will be offered as an option.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2016 9:13 PM