IE9 pop-up blocker


  • Hi

    It is just quick question I'd like to ask -

    Is any programming interface that can be used to remove/setup pop-up blocker

    I am using javascript "" - this generates pop-up blocker window that would be not necessary to be shown, in case the web site is already is set as trusted one.

    I am interested to handle the pop-up blocker function in such way that will allow user not to see pop-up blocker window. It means that user showld not see pop-up blocker windows. The pop-up blocker window is shown when "" performs. It would be not nessecaraly to let user setup pop-up blocker by using "Always Allow pop-up from this site.. ". So this should be setup automaticaly without bother user with setting it up.

    I am using javascript and would be nice if any programming interface is exist to be applied.

    I would appreciate any comment on this, thank you in advance. 


    Tuesday, November 08, 2011 7:55 PM