Internet Explorer 9 Keeps Crashing


  • Windows 7 64-bits SP1


    Asus U35JC Laptop

    Crashes with Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace and VLC Media Player (I think version 1.1.5)

    The problem is that IE9 does not work when either a game from Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace is started (so it is fine when only the Marketplace is open, but when I start Age of Empires Online it crashes for example). Recently, it has been doing the same when VLC Media Player is on. What happens is that upon opening IE, it just immediately tells me that IE had an unexpected error and it tries to restore (resulting in the same behavior).

    It repeats every time these programs are used and for now doesn't happen with any other programs. I've tried IE Factory Reset and even if I tried to update VLC, the problem would still remain with Marketplace (which I believe updates itself - and is a Microsoft product as well...).

    Wednesday, March 07, 2012 10:23 AM


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