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    The following error occurred while receiving an Ack after sending a document to a partner via RosettaNet.

    What is the cause and how can I fix it?

    Error Description: There was a failure executing the response(receive) pipeline: "Microsoft.Solutions.BTARN.Pipelines.Receive, Microsoft.Solutions.BTARN.PipelineReceive, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" Source: "RosettaNet MIME decoder" Send Port: "~~~.Sync" URI: "http://localhost/BTARNApp/RNIFSend~~~~.aspx?TPUrl=~~~~%2fRosettaNet&xRNVersion=RosettaNet%2fV02.00&xRNResponseType=sync" Reason: There was an authentication failure. "The hash for the message is not valid. The message may have been tampered with.". 

    The contents of MIME are as follows.

    Message-ID: <1602095142.199.1606302725831.JavaMail.~~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~~~~>
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/signed; protocol="application/pkcs7-signature"; micalg=sha256; 

    Content-Type: multipart/related; type="application/xml"; 

    Content-Type: application/xml
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
    Content-Location: RN-Preamble
    Content-ID: <C351062A-9C9D-467A-AFA7-~~~~~~~~~~:1>

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE Preamble SYSTEM "Preamble_MS_V02_00.dtd">


    Wednesday, November 25, 2020 12:32 PM

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  • Is this a consistent error, or a one off error?
    Wednesday, November 25, 2020 9:39 PM
  • This is a one off error.

    It doesn't work with other partners, but only that partner.

    • Edited by 김동하 Wednesday, November 25, 2020 11:54 PM
    Wednesday, November 25, 2020 11:40 PM
  • Did you mean it works for other partners, but not that particular partner?

    If that is the case, it sounds more like the issue is at the partners side.  Usually using the wrong certificate to sign the message at their end or to verify it at your end would cause errors like that.  

    Thursday, November 26, 2020 12:23 AM