Internet 10 stopped working in Windows 8


  • I  updated my Ops system from Vista/7/8 - all 64 bit. After the upgrade to 8, IE 10 local and Metro preformed as expected. Recently, both stopped - Metro opens the splash screen then stops - Local produces the "rotating circle" but stops. Neither leave any trace in Task Manager. To date: I uninstalled Norton and went to essentials for protection, I turned IE 10 off - rebooted - turned IE10 on (window features) - rebooted with no success, I attempted to execute from program files, I stopped all add ons, I made sure IE was the default browser. No were successful.

    Firefox  and Chrome work without issue. If I boot into safe mode stopping all startup and service apps, IE 10 will start. I want to avoid disabling apps and services one at a time between reboot. Is there a better solution.

    Monday, December 24, 2012 6:01 PM