IExplore on my computer (Vista home premium) stops me viewing a web page with videos (windows media player)


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    how are ya all ?


    I am in the process of creating a website and put a text menu on the page.the URL links ive created for the menu are all correct ( they lead to a page that i have put WMP videos onto. now...when I publish the webpage and double check everything, the links.page name etc..the page comes up with a 404 error and the URL shows a double reading like this...



    the latter part is the actual URL link so thats an issue that i can fix im sure( but any suggestions will help )...but when i delete the repeated www.mysite.net part and click on the corrected link I get an error box saying 'the application has generated an exception which it cant control' "process i.d. Oxclc(3100) subprocess i.d. Ox1504 (5380)"


    then it gives me only an option to cancel and then iexplorer closes.

    now...when i try to open the corrected url on another computer it opens just fine !!!

     what the hells bells is goin on ???

    any ideas buddy ?




    Monday, September 03, 2007 11:19 AM

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