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  • Greetings folks. I am trying to setup a performance monitor alert in Win 2008 R2 to post in the application event log when the limit is exceed. I followed everything in http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ff458614.aspx and while it looks right, I cannot get it to post anything in the application event log. I've tried setting %Processor to alert over 1% but it doesn't post. I've also gone into the data collector properties and selected the checkbox to Log an entry in the Application Event Log and ensured the data collection set is started. The Performance Logs and Alerts service is running. The monitor is running under the SYSTEM context. Am I missing something that is preventing the performance monitor alert from posting to the Event log? Thanx for your help!!
    Wednesday, May 19, 2010 2:28 AM


  • Hi,

    I happen to be playing with settting performance monitoring in the past month.  One key piece of information that the article forgot to mention is where the event actually get logged.

    All generated event will have the following characteristic:

    - Event ID: 2031
    - Channel: “Microsoft-Windows-Diagnosis-Pla/Operational”.
    - Level: Information

    Open Event Viewer, navigate to "Application and Services Logs" -> "Microsoft" -> "Windows" ->Diagnosis-PLA" -> Operational.
    The raised events should be there if everything is set correctly via perf mon.

    If you don't see any event here, then there are few places where I would offer as suggestions to look into:

    • In perf monitor, make sure your data collector set is running.
    • In perf monitor, navigat to the "alert" that you created for perf counter, open the properties dialog.  The second tab should be "Alert Action", select that.  Make sure "Log an entry in the application event log" is checked.  Restart the collector set if needed.

    Hope this helps.



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