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  • I've been playing around with the Tracking Protection Lists and have noticed there are a few ways ads can "get around" them. The first is via Flash or any other add-on. It seems the ActiveX object's web requests are not filtered by the list(s).

    After extensive testing the last few days I had gotten everything setup the way I liked using the Albine, EasyList and PrivacyChoice lists supplimented with a small list of my own. This was working beautifully until today. It seems (and others) have figured out how to get around the privacy lists. I haven't been able to duplicate exactly how, but it involved iframes which are generated via script after the document is loaded. Somehow the iframe's source is able to be retrieved from a blocked domain and then subsequent content w/in the iframe can also be retrieved from blocked domain. (note: I closely inspect the whitelist in the EasyList list and it was not to blame). You can see this in action by loading up those three lists I mentioned and browsing to (this is the only place I've found where they've gotten around the protection; however, just yesterday all ads and tracking items were blocked).

    I guess this is more of a bug report, but, I'm not sure where to submit those.

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