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  • Its being a while, Windows Live silently discontinued Windows Live Favorites Since bing bar doesn't have the Favorites feature like Live Bar used to have, there is no way other than installing Live mesh and synch favorites with other computers.

    Is there any chance that Windows Live & Bing team work together and make the favorites sync via SkyDrive?

    Here are few suggestoins for the app:

    • Option to synchronize the favorite or bookmarks (with folders/categories) between devices (PC,Phone,Xbox,whatnot) via SkyDrive.
    • Built-in seamless synchronizing support in IE10 (all Desktop, Metro and Appolo/WP8 versions).
    • Using Bing bar, let the users add and access favorites in various (atleast "major") browsers.
    • Provide a simple web-based CRUD app (with categories and search) on SkyDrive to organize favorties

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  • Hi,

    Post bug reports and feature requests for IE10 at



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  • Thanks for weighing in.


    I know about but this is not just about IE10!!


    • First Windows Live would provide an interface to sync your favorites/bookmarks from various devices/various browsers. And the ability to create/retrieve/update/delete favorites on web. (once again
    • Then IE team would provide the built-in support in IE10 (Metro, Desktop, Phone, XBox...) to sync favorites with SkyDrive (without any supplementary tool).
    • Next Bing team would provide this feature in Bing Bar, which will allow us to sync favorites/bookmarks from any browser (like Google bar does!)


    This would involve the effort of multiple teams. Since Windows 8 is welcoming cloud integration, I hope if anyone from MSFT can comment on "favorites roaming" feature's future plans.

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