Biztalk 2016 - Server reboot for Security Patchs and Orchestrators restarted (how can i let a orchestrator Unenlisted after reboot) RRS feed

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  • Hello, 

    It is my first time in this forum, i have an issue when i reboot my W2016 BIZ2016 server, as i have an orchestrator (with 2 components one if only dedicated to test)

    When the server is reboot, the system start the both ORchestrators, can somebody give me an advice, how do i stop an orchestrator with removing it as the binaries are common in the both ones .... 

    Even when i unenlist it ,it restarted automatically... 

    Also can somebody explain me which start is done by a server reboot ? is it a Partial Stop or a full stop, same for the start ? 

    Thanks by advance for your help

    Herbie PEAN

    Monday, November 18, 2019 2:54 PM

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  • I've never experienced an Orchestration doing that, there must be something else that is starting the Orchestration.

    Is your Orchestration bound to any ports?  You could unbind them then, which will prevent the Orchestration from starting.   If the Orchestration is Direct Bound, you could create a new Host Instance which you disable, which you then bind the Orchestration to.

    Monday, November 18, 2019 8:00 PM