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  • Hello,

    I screwed up a script by forgetting to remove a default value of an address while setting up Office Online Server for a new SharePoint 2016 install. I ran the following commands when setting up the Excel SOAP API:

    $Farm = Get-SPFarm
    $Farm.Properties.Add("WopiLegacySoapSupport", "http://<URL>/x/_vti_bin/ExcelServiceInternal.asmx");

    I left the url tag in there rather than adding the correct address. I would like to update this with the correct address but cannot figure out how to edit the value of the WopiLegacySoapProperties. When I attempt to add again I get the expected error that the "Item has already been added".

    This has to be simple...

    Thursday, September 29, 2016 12:26 AM