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  • We use a web based repair manual and information site for factory Volkswagen service. the site works best when used with ie 8. it works at about 90% with ie 9. we use it with ie 8 and windows xp. I use it with windows 7 and ie 9, sometimes have to use the developer tools to switch to ie 8. I now have a windows 8 desktop and a windows 8 surface rt. the Volkswagen site did not work with ie 10. if I used the developer tools and switched to ie 8 it worked ok. the windows 8.1 update updated ie 10 to ie 11. ie 11 does not work well with the site. using developer tools and switching to ie 8 does not work also. the goal is to use the surface rt with it because of its support for printers. Volkswagen just came out with an ipad app for the same web site. the ipad does not have the printing features the surface rt does.

    why does the windows 8.1 ie 11 developers tools not correctly emulate ie 8?

    Thursday, October 24, 2013 12:29 AM

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  • Hi,

    there is a known issue with IE11 and legacy version emulation.... Regardless of the Document Mode setting in the Developer Tool IE Conditional comments are ignored...

    Can't say much without inspecting your code... generally IE Conditional Comments are not required... You should be using CSS and js feature detection instead of Browser sniffing and IE Conditional comments. Consider using shims like jquery and modernizr.

    http://modern.ie has links to the online browser emulation vm's.

    Post questions about html, css and scripting to the IE Web Development forum (with a link to your website or a publicly accessible mashup from your servers)



    Thursday, October 24, 2013 7:03 AM
  • why does the windows 8.1 ie 11 developers tools not correctly emulate ie 8?

    Are you sure that it is IE11 that is the problem and not the Surface RT?  For example, what add-ons does the site use and require?  Otherwise, it sounds like the site does not like a browser saying it supports HTML 5.0.  Going down to IE8 would ensure that the UAS would always be Mozilla 4.0.

    Robert Aldwinckle

    Friday, October 25, 2013 3:20 AM
  • I have found the same issue. When testing a website in I.E. 11 emulating I.E. 8, on Windows 7 on a PC, the browser does not respect conditional comments. The condition in case here is to use HTML5shiv to enable the use of <header> (and other) elements in my website. When the script is not included in the conditional comment it runs fine in I.E. 11 emulating I.E. 8, but when it is inside the conditional comments it is not recognised.

    I confirmed I.E. 11's issue with this with a copy of I.E. 10 emulating I.E. 8, which respected the conditional statements.

    Whilst this is not an issue in that I.E. 8 users will have the conditional respected (as they are using I.E. 8), it does, and I have to say as usual (when dealing with Internet Explorer), make my life as a web dev even harder (yet another thing I have to consider when working with the stubborn Microsoft and their products). 

    I don't care for I.E. 11 respecting conditionals when the document mode is in I.E. 11 (as one would expect that by now I.E. 11 can behave like all the other, standards-compliant browsers?), but if it is to provide crucial emulation for its legacy ancestors, surely proper emulation is key, if not to help us out, but to "try and dispel the stigma that Microsoft has over its browser technology"?

    How can a web developer be expected to remember all of the hundreds of nuances that come with the I.E.?

    Please issue an update to resolve this, my life is already hard enough without more headache!

    Tuesday, December 3, 2013 11:51 AM