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  • I've been using IE10 on Windows 7 X64 for the last month or so.  I've gone back to IE9 which has always worked well for me due to the following issues that I have noted in IE10.  I'm just wondering if others have had any specific experience with the following issues that I noted with IE10:

    • Almost daily freezes of the entire system when playing flash videos in IE10.  This was extremely rare in IE9.
    • When playing videos on pages like in IE10, the video would be blank and the audio would play. Doing a refresh on the screen would always correct the issue. This was never an issue with IE9.
    • Runaway memory usage when playing flash videos.  This was a problem in IE9 as well but it was more pronounced in ie10 – the memory usage for some IE10 tabs running videos could creep up to well over a gig of memory if the page was left open for a while
    • When terminating an iexplore process for a single tab in IE10, it would cause all of the tabs to restart as opposed to just a single tab which was the behavior in IE9
    • In the previous bullet point, when the tabs restarted, each tabbed session would occasionally halt with an “ieframe” error in the url field. This did not happen in IE9 and it also meant that I counln't simply refresh the tab to get the original page back since IE10 had modified the url to reflect the "ieframe" error.
    • 64 bit browsing in IE10.  I had no issues with using the 64 bit version of the browser in IE9.  IE10 seems to be insistent on opening new tabs with the 32 bit browser. I tried some of the workarounds I found on the web and in this forum to get the IE10 browser to always run in 64 bit mode but they were mostly ineffective.
    • The number of iexplore processes running in memory were usually higher than the actual number of IE10 tabs I had open for some reason. This was not an issue in IE9.
    • When I closed all of my IE10 tabs it still left several iexplore processes running in memory which could take a few minutes to disappear and even then it usually left a couple running. This was not an issue in IE9.

    In case you're wondering Windows 7, IE10 and Adobe flash were all kept up to date while I had IE10 installed.

    I'm specifically interested in hearing from anyone else who has noted any of the above problems and if you were able to resolve any of these issues in IE10.  Not interested in speculation from anyone who hasn't seen these issues.

    Thanks in advance


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  • I went back to IE 9 myself. But even if I wanted to try IE 10 again it seems I get a error when it tries to install from Windows update or with the stand alone IE 10 installer for Windows 7 64 bit. But I also had issues when IE 10 was running that some sites like gMail were indicating I had IE 9 compatibility view and not IE 10 standard mode. Its almost like I had IE 10 but sites were only seeing IE 9. It may be the cause of some people having web site problems? I know things went back to normal when I down graded back to IE 9. I also noted that IE 10 seems to keep a thread or two running even after closing? I noticed this is task manager when I experienced freeze ups too. If I forced quit those iexplorer.exe threads and reopened IE 10 it seemed to work well. I just gave up for now with IE 10.
    Wednesday, May 22, 2013 11:24 AM
  • Thanks for your response jescott418.

    Here is another issue that I wanted to post for the reference of others that was a problem in IE9 but seems worse in IE10.

    When I first open IE10, I open 4 tabbed sessions by default. During the course of the day lets say I get to a point where I have 10 tabs open and then IE10 or the system crashes for some reason.  The next time I open IE I am of course prompted if I would like to restore the previous session I had open.  Thats good but unfortunately what happens based on my observation is that:

    IE will open one instance of IE that contains my 4 default tabs plus the 10 other tabs that were open when IE crashed for a total of 14 tabs.  It should logically only open my original 10 tabs.

    In addition to this, IE will start 9 or 10 more instances of IE each of which has only my 4 default tabs.  Thats a total of as many as 44 tabs that I did not request be opened.

    So instead of getting my 10 tabs back I get a total of about fifty-four tabs opened in IE which is obviously very taxing on the system and takes a very long time to open and a long time to (manually) close.

    It really can't be that difficult for whoever writes this stuff to get the Restore Session option after a crash to open the correct number of tabs, can it?

    Thursday, May 23, 2013 7:18 PM