transferring files from old computer, windows 98, to new computer, windows vista.


  • I want to transfer files from my old pentium 3, windows 98 computer to my new pentium dual-core, vista computer.  The problem i am having is that my old computer won't recognize the disk drive that is installed on it so i can transfer files to disk and then insert that disk into my new computer to transfer the files.  Is there a way i can connect my old hard drive or my old floppy drive to my new computer so I can transfer those files?  I was able to transfer the files onto floppy disc but my new computer does not have a floppy drive. 

    Sunday, November 04, 2007 5:23 AM


  • Hello Marty,


    Let me restate the scenario you described, in case of misunderstanding.


    You have a Windows 98-based PC with some important data in HDD, this PC can’t support additional hard disk. You want to install a floppy drive or the old HDD into the new machine, in order to copy the data to your new PC.


    If I get anything wrong, please let me know.


    This is actually not a Windows Vista issue , and we are not the best support resources. However, I still list some suggestions and hope they can help:


    1.       If the data is not very large in size and both of the computers can visit Internet, I highly recommend you to transfer the data via E-mail.

    2.       If both of your computers have USB ports, you may transfer the data via flash disk or other USB storages.

    Note: The flash disk or USB storages must support both Windows 98 and Windows Vista.

    If none of methods above is available, there are also some suggestions for internal drive migration:

    1.       Regularly, Windows Vista can support an extra hard drive or floppy drive, but if you connect Windows 98-based HDD with Windows Vista-based PC, Windows 98 may collapse. Therefore, installing a floppy drive is more preferred than HDD migration.

    Note: Not all hard drives or floppy drives are compatible to Windows Vista. If both of them are incompatible, the following steps may fail.

    2.       Please backup all your important data before removing HDD or Floppy drive from old computer.

    3.       For instruction to install a floppy drive, you may refer to the following website:

    4.       For instruction to install an additional hard drive, you may refer to the following website:

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    Lionel Chen


    Monday, November 05, 2007 11:02 AM