Desktop search and Bing Desktop Search... Am I missing something? There's no searching of the desktop anywhere... RRS feed

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  • This forum has been the place where people who care about this sort of thing (Desktop search, and how terrible Windows 7 search has become) come to commiserate.  So it seemed like a place to ask this, while still hoping that the grassroots feedback of "We need real desktop search" will someday be listened to.

    I excitedly installed Bing Desktop Search on my home computer yesterday, thinking, "Finally!", and this morning, reading more about it, I don't see anything anywhere indicating that it's anything but a desktop portal to Bing internet search.  I'm in shock, so much so that I'm wondering (hoping) that I'm just missing something. Is there real desktop search (search of filed and folders on the computer itself and hopefully, on shared network drives)?

    Is it even legal to label this thing "desktop search"?

    Monday, May 14, 2012 12:55 PM