RunDLL error: There was a problem starting C:\...\AppData\Local\NltpdPas.dll Access denied.


  • EI8 does not start until I press OK button in a RunDLL error message:

    There was a problem starting

    C:...\AppData\Local\NltpdPas.dll     Access is denied.

    There is no reference to this driver on the web.

    In the same directory there are two other strange files: ujiluracan.dll and Xdedavadej.dat

    There is no reference to either of these two files on the web either.

    After OK button is pressed IE8 starts to work. Since this message started to show up system went to blue screen of death and crashed several times.

    Scans with Sophos did not find any problems.

    Suggestions or help of any kind would be greatly appreciated.



    Sunday, December 19, 2010 5:35 AM