Onfolio is the "bomb" for IE7/Vista SP1 combo



    Onfolio  is not the Onfolio of old - it locks up IE7 to the point it cannot be closed without Task Manager - I purchased the suite before MS purchased it...for $99...and loved it.  Now the newspaper has been stripped out of it, and I cannot authorize my original license no matter whether I do so on their license server or try to do it through a 'simple' process via a downlaodable script agent.


    Onfolio does NOT play nice with Vista SP1!  And it isn't the Onfolio 2.02 - it is now an add-in via the Live Toolbar at Student & Research version 1.  Where is Onfolio 2.02 that I purchased and that I own?  Why is it "BETA"?  Why is my original license activation denied as invalid on the web's license server?


    I tried to open a suppoprt ticket through the Onfolio home web-site and my posting was returned as undeliverable.



    Tuesday, July 01, 2008 6:44 PM