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    our estate runs server 2008 R2 across the domain.

    we have 3 DCs:


    DC2 - AD DNS

    DC3 - AD DNS

    I have successfully migrated DC2 and DC3 to server 2019 and re-used the old IP adresses.

    DC1 has all the key roles so I want to make sure I get the order of migration correct - any advice would be greatly appreciated!


    I have built up a new 2019 server which we'll call DC4, it has AD and DNS services in stalled and is assigned a fixed IP. This server is to replace DC1. I need to migrate all the services over and assign the old DC1 IP address to it. I'm just not sure on the order. In my head the order is this:

    1.Migrate all the FSMO roles from DC1 to the new DC4

    2. Migrate DHCP services from DC1 to DC4

    3.Change the IP address of DC1 to another static - reboot several times and wait for replication

    4.Run DCDiag to check health

    5 All being well, change the IP of DC4 to the original DC1 address - reboot several times and wait for replication

    6. Run DCDiag to check health

    7. Finally split the DHCP scope.

    Is this correct, anything that I have missed?

    Many thanks

    Thursday, June 13, 2019 7:02 AM

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