ID & Password Prompt When ONLY Opening Excel Docs with IE8


  •   We have a web application where we retrieve excel docs.  To get into the initial site it prompts for a user ID and password, which it is suppose to do.  When I go to retrieve an Excel doc it prompts me again for an id and password before it opens. You can enter your password again or just hit cancel and it opens either way. Is there
    a way to get rid of that password prompt? This happens for Excel docs ONLY.  I can open all other docs without having the Credential box pop up numerous times.   I have tried the following:

    Added the site as a trusted site: That does NOT work.

    Called my Company’s Help Desk: They do NOT know how to fix it.

    I have tried logging in to the site using different computers, XP works fine, Windows 7 does NOT

    1. Using Windows 7
    2. Using MS Office 2007
    3. Using IE8
    4. Only happens on Excel Docs
    5. Happens on all computer and all network logons that have Windows 7
    6. The Excel docs are NOT password protected.

      I have viewed many forums and I’m not getting any good answers.

            Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Marc Shortess

    mercredi 14 mars 2012 15:56

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