Text Entry Slow in IE 8 when entering data in a web based application


  • Hi,

    I am seeing a lag when entering a text in a text box which is used in a healthcare application. It has been long time since I worked on the Wintel side and also IE which I have not kept up with all the changes that is going on, so I was kind of thinking what could I check on the IE browser settings, that will help me to speeden up the process of entering the text and not have a lag. The lag is usually anywhere 10 seconds and above for a single entry before I could move to the next field to enter the text.

    I know the patches are not applied fully for IE, but any thoughts on any particular patch that was there to fix this issue on IE 8. I know that there is a cumulative patch, but other than that anything else, you all think that needs to be turned off, or that would have been enabled during a hotfix install that would cause this problem. It looks like this was working fine before, but not sure what changed that it is having a delay. Appreciate any help.

    thanks in advance

    14 июня 2012 г. 13:55


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