IE10 on Windows Vista?


  • Why won't IE10 run on Windows Vista?
    The quote,
    "Regarding Windows Vista, our decision with IE9 [and 10] was not to build to the lowest common denominator .. Microsoft confirmed that the new browser is intended only for Windows 7" is not a good reason, from a technical viewpoint, IMHO.

    "Windows Vista together with the Platform Update that was released for it in 2009 is almost equal to Windows 7 API wise."

    From the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    "Windows Graphics, Imaging, and XPS Library: components for developers to leverage the latest advancements in modern graphics technologies for gaming, multimedia, imaging and printing applications. It includes updates to DirectX to support hardware acceleration for 2D, 3D and text based scenarios; DirectCompute for hardware accelerated parallel computing scenarios; and XPS Library for document printing scenarios."

    Windows Automation API: The Windows Automation API library enables accessibility tools and test automations to access the Windows user interface in a consistent way across operating system versions."

    So how, pray tell, does Vista constitute the "lowest common denominator"?

    It is not fair that Vista, and Vista users, get blindsided for no apparant reason.

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