IE10 on Windows Vista?


  • Why won't IE10 run on Windows Vista?
    The quote,
    "Regarding Windows Vista, our decision with IE9 [and 10] was not to build to the lowest common denominator .. Microsoft confirmed that the new browser is intended only for Windows 7" is not a good reason, from a technical viewpoint, IMHO.

    "Windows Vista together with the Platform Update that was released for it in 2009 is almost equal to Windows 7 API wise."

    From the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    "Windows Graphics, Imaging, and XPS Library: components for developers to leverage the latest advancements in modern graphics technologies for gaming, multimedia, imaging and printing applications. It includes updates to DirectX to support hardware acceleration for 2D, 3D and text based scenarios; DirectCompute for hardware accelerated parallel computing scenarios; and XPS Library for document printing scenarios."

    Windows Automation API: The Windows Automation API library enables accessibility tools and test automations to access the Windows user interface in a consistent way across operating system versions."

    So how, pray tell, does Vista constitute the "lowest common denominator"?

    It is not fair that Vista, and Vista users, get blindsided for no apparant reason.

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    11 июня 2012 г. 6:56

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  • "Windows Vista together with the Platform Update that was released for it in 2009 is almost equal to Windows 7 API wise."

    That's right. Although I would certainly want to help Vista users on how to install IE 10 - IE 10 RTM is not released yet and I haven't got any Windows Vista systems that I can use for testing things out.

    I think OS spoofing during install time and setting iexplore.exe to subsystem 6.00 and OS version to 6.0 using EDITBIN.exe (Visual Studio component) will do. But I won't be sure until I get a chance to test it myself on IE 10 RTM for Windows 7 installer package.

    11 июня 2012 г. 9:13
  • Swapnil99pro,
    Thank you for your reply. It seems that you want IE10 to run on Windows Vista too?
    I am currently running a Vista machine. I would be more than happy to be your "guinea pig" if you'd like.
    11 июня 2012 г. 22:16
  • It seems that you want IE10 to run on Windows Vista too?


    Oh, and if I remember correctly, when Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 was released, the release notes said that starting from Platform Preview 4, Windows 7 would require an update before IE 10 can be installed. So it's not going to be that easy.

    Anyways, we have to wait till Microsoft releases IE 10 for Windows 7 before I even start trying out things to get IE 10 on Vista.

    12 июня 2012 г. 6:31
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your feedback. 
    You may submit your request on the following site.

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  • Mrs. Zhou,
    The link is not working for me.
    13 июня 2012 г. 3:54
  • Do you remember which form of update?
    13 июня 2012 г. 3:54
  • Do you remember which form of update?

    Microsoft gave no information about the update. It simply said an update.

    Though I personally believe it's going to be a Platform Update for Windows 7.

    No use discussing for the time being.

    13 июня 2012 г. 10:17
  • I fully agree about Vista and its users being short changed,...I used to use windows 95 at work,..had no choice,.used 98se at home and was very happy with it,...I bought a laptop and it came with Vista, seemed ok but I thought the laptop was faulty,..had to shrink my window and move the window to be able to click with effect on a button,..I could always see the buttons but they had no effect in their home position,..I got good at this and it did not bother me so much,...then came a sevice pack and upgraded internet explorer, Vista was really great,..I enjoyed two years of plain sailing before update issues wasted so much of my time,...If any one should have received free windows 10 then it should have been vista users !...

    When I tried to book an airline ticket I found my browser would not let me on, could Microsoft do this to us ?

    We bought two copies of Vista Ultimate early on but one copy disappeared from my office for ever and the other copy was replaced by XP as we could get more done quicker with xp,..When XP was fully withdrawn Vista was still active but the updates were hell on earth,...I found my second box of Vista Ultimate and it was only service pack one,...When I tried to get an ISO download from Microsoft they told me that it was no longer available from them,...that really stinks !  I had to say goodbye to trusted proven XP and I could not get shelter from my vista ultimate that cost so much money,..sure I got it on the pc and got the service packs on but never did get the updates working.  Microsoft did some very bad things to their customers

    16 октября 2017 г. 18:28