ie 9


  • Hi,

    I suggest you should do like this, right click Microsoft fixit tool, you will see Run as administrator, then select it.

    Also for you IE problem, you should try to run IE with No add-ons mode to try.

    Start -->> All Programs -->> Accessories -->> System Tools-->> Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

    If IE can work well without any issue. Then you can further proceed to find what is cause of IE problem.

    1) Open IE in No Add-ons Mode

    2) Tools -->> Internet Options-->> Programs -->>Manage add-ons .

    3) select a Addon and disable it.

    4) Restart IE-->> Open IE in normal mode.

    5) If the problem is solved after step 4, than uninstall that Addon from Control Panel-->> Add/Remove Programs

    6) If the problem is still there , than disable another Addon, and follow from step3.

    14 июня 2012 г. 9:50