Odd status bar string in IE9


  • Occasionally, when browsing to websites using IE9 (9.0.8112.16421), a curious web address will appear in the status bar. {the+title+ title+ of+the+page}%26body%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2F{the site’s address,}%2F

    Could someone explain why this occurs and what it means when a similarly structured URL appears in the IE9 status bar? 

    The link shown in the status bar always includes the string, which might otherwise indicate the cursor is hovering over something like a mailto link, except for the fact that within those pages there are no such hyperlinks.  This string always includes the title of the current page along with the current site's web address.

    I’ve noticed this more often appears whenever a page is first loaded.  Refreshing the page or hovering over an actual hyperlink causes this information to be replaced.

    14 มีนาคม 2555 13:27


  • I think you misunderstand.  I have no problems accessing and using Windows Live Mail.

    I work as a web developer so I make use of a number of different browsers.  I’ve used Live Mail with IE8, IE9, Firefox 6-10, most later versions of Chrome, Safari, Opera and Maxthon and the only browser I’ve experienced any issues in accessing and using Live Mail has been Maxthon.

    IE9 is the only web browser I have installed on this particular desktop computer.  I use it as basically my personal computer and not one of my development systems.

    For the past several weeks I’ve noticed a Windows Live Mail link appearing in the IE9 browser’s status bar.  This seems to occur more often following a new tab being opened and then only once or twice a day.

    I was curious as to why this was happening so I posted a question within the IE forum looking for an answer.  For now I don’t seek to change this behavior, only to understand it.

    This problem is not related to any desire to use Windows Live Mail or as the result of some inability to do so.

    I’ve scanned with a number of different anti-malware tools and none have shown any detection that the system has in any way been compromised.

    This was simply a curiosity and at this point I do not wish to pursue the matter any further.

    19 มีนาคม 2555 12:57