Recover CDC tables from transaction logs


  • I need to restore CDC tables from transaction logs? As far as I understand - CDC reads these logs, and catches specially marked records. However, when this is done, CDC isn’t able to process those records again. But, I need them to be processed again, because my database was restored without any KEEP_CDC options
    martedì 2 luglio 2013 06:55


  • I must say it could be very difficult to extract data yourself and insert it into CDC tables.

    There are basically two undocumented functions you can try: fn_dblog and DBCC LOG.
    You can also use a third party transaction log readers such as ApexSQL Log or Sql Log rescue, but keep in mind that those tools are only able to read what’s written inside transaction log. It is up to you to take this data and add it to CDC tables somehow.
    martedì 2 luglio 2013 06:58