Enabling Storage Spaces Direct - error code: 50


  • Hi all,

    I use Windows Server version 1803.

    I create nested S2D PoC on Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V.

    I can not "Enable-ClusterStorageSpacesDirect –CimSession <ClusterName>"

    Does anyone encounter the same error?

    domenica 27 maggio 2018 02:22

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  • Hi,

    For now, I couldn't find more information about error code 50 related enabling S2D.

    Before you enable s2d, could you please run cluster validation tests?

    Anything wrong in the validation report?

    Please check if the hardware meet the requirements. All servers must be identical in hardware components, drivers, firmware, and configuration.

    Maybe also refer to the thread discussed before.

    Best Regards,


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    lunedì 28 maggio 2018 07:12
  • Hi, I have the same here. as all the "nodes" are Hyper-V-VM's they should meet the requirements.

    I've tested to build a S2D-Cluster with Server 2016 and all Patches -> Success

    I've Evicted, reinstalled with Server 2016 Version 1803 and added to the Cluster all nodes one by one -> Success

    I've updated the ClusterFunctionLevel to "10" on the Cluster

    ANY ...-ClusterS2D cmdlet is not working with the same error "50", tested with Get-ClusterS2D and Disable-ClusterS2D

    Looks like there where some structures changed but changes are missing in the powershell cmdlet's.

    It would be nice to try out the great new S2D features of Server 2016 Version 1803.

    Thanks a lot for fixing.


    ### Update ###

    I've done the same again (create a 2016 Cluster with ClusterFunctionLevel 9; evict, reinstall 2016-1803, join each node one by one).

    As long as i don't upgrade the ClusterFunctionLevel to 10, I'm able to join an original 2016 node to the cluster and run Get-ClusterS2D on that Node.

    On all of the 2016-1803 nodes non of the ...-ClusterS2D cmdlets are working, all exit with this "error 50"

    Cheers, Sven

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    giovedì 31 maggio 2018 23:41
  • Hi,

    Can confirm this issue myself, and have run into the exact same situation.

    No s2d commandlets will run on a cluster created with build 1803 at this stage, with all available updates installed.

    Always get the same (following) result:

    Failed to run CIM method GetStorageSpacesDirect on the root/MSCLUSTER/MSCluster_StorageSpacesDirect CIM object.  The CIM method returned the following error code: 50

    To reproduce:

    Configure a 2 node cluster with build 1803, attempt to run s2d commandlets, like "get-clusters2d"



    venerdì 15 giugno 2018 01:13
  • Just wanted to add in:
    We experience the same issue with a newly installed windows 1803 cluster.
    19 ore 4 minuti fa