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  • Domanda

  • I am using Windows 8 on PC since 6 months also as a business user. After that period of time I have realized that in order to be an effective operating system some improvements are needed.

    - Having two different environments (the new modern UI env and the Desktop env) is really crazy, you continuously need to switch from one env to the other and very quickly you start being confused about where your applications are. I like the new Modern UI env, I suggest that a method to port or run all existing applications in a sort of App container would be great with no need to switch to the Desktop.

    - If only the Modern UI env would be available, what is really missing in my opinion is the taskbar or a new version of it. I need to quickly see what are my open apps so to switch easily between them (and I want to have the clock always visible).

    - If only the Modern UI env would be available, more flexible ways to display more apps at the same time is needed. It is not sufficient to display just two apps, one in a third of the screen. I need to decide myself how to split the screen, the OS must allow me at least to use the screen for four apps.

    - Modern UI apps, including native Windows 8 apps, should make more efficient use of the screen, they are empty. Why cannot I see the open tabs in IE instead of pressing the right button of the mouse? Just take a look at iPad apps and you can see that even in smaller screens it is possible to displays a lot of controls.

    mercoledì 15 maggio 2013 14:32