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  • Salve a tutti,

    scusate la domanda poco professionale, ma ho letto un pò di documentazione in inglese, ma non ho ben capito di cosa si tratta effettivamente la Co-Locating di DPM 2010.



    lunedì 27 giugno 2011 07:46


  • ti conviene leggere questo:

    “The disk collocation feature”

    DPM2010 supports protecting clients and SQL databases at numbers that would grossly exceed the maximum number of volumes calling for more DPM servers for no other reason. More data sources must be protected using a single replica and recovery point volume twin and that is exactly what the disk collocation feature does for SQL database and Hyper-V (and client) data protection. Defining a collocation strategy is too much of a topic on its own but it should be clear that protecting hundreds up to say 1500-2000 small databases using only a few dozen volumes reduces the amount of supportable DPM servers needed from 5 or 6 to just 1 with regards to this aspect. The ‘300’ still stands but DPM2010 is far more proficient with co-locatable data source types. Another advantage is that we can be more relaxed in allocating disk space because it serves many data sources leveling the variance.

    • Disk collocation strongly improves scalability when protecting many small data sources and enables better DPM server utilization
    • Disk collocation increases the chance that accumulated data sources grow beyond anticipation but the auto grow and auto heal features deal with that automatically.

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    Edoardo Benussi
    Microsoft MVP - Management Infrastructure
    lunedì 27 giugno 2011 08:50