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  • hello i used dpm 2007 and i try 2010 with a VM win 2008 enterprise R2 and vmware esx 3.5 host.

    dpm 2007 was good for vss backup and restore, not fot tape and library use:too many errors, too many "backup to tape failed" , too mutch work for admin it with no resolution some time.

    no problem with installation and local use of dpm2010 instance

    i'm testing a scsi tape library Compaq with a dlt vs 80 attached to adaptec controller 2940 to esx host and with pass-trought directly to the vm of dpm server, seems ok ...i can backup with dpm to library and with no loose of perfomance , like i see in some forum, this is a supported situation from vmware and i think must be a supported situation for dpm 2010 that runs in a VM (windows or vmware)

    my first question si about pools:

    which kind of local disks are supported ?

    i try for example with 2 virtual disks (2 raid 1 , 4 disks) and setting them like a STRIPE in windows 2008, so dynamic disks....but when i open dpm2010 in the storage pool i see NOT 1 disk like in widows explorer, but the 2 virtual disks. So if dpm suported only MBR basic disks i think that is important to set an alert when i add a NON supported storage pools.

    where is a list of supported tape library and controller of dpm 2010?

    i think this is a must for a backup software , enterprise level


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