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  • Hi all,

    Since the most recent official Windows 10 update (1803 April update) I'm experiencing some issues.

    * In explorer, some pictures get thumbnails, some don't (as seen in the figure). Tried deleting the thumbnail cache but that doesn't help.

    * The Photos app doesn't sync pictures from the WorkFolders anymore, and doens't show thumbnails anymore for videos.

    * In exlporer the icons for 'Download state' aren't correct. Some folders have a 'Failed sync' icon, but all the files inside are downloaded correctly.

    A clean install of the client operating system doesn't help. Anyone else experiencing these issues? Is a fix available soon?


    giovedì 17 maggio 2018 09:39


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  • Janjaap,


    The Photos app and thumbnail cache skip reading on-demand files because reading the files would cause them to be downloaded locally to the device. Photos that have been opened on the device should have thumbnails. If you need thumbnails for all files on this device, I’d recommend disabling the on-demand feature which means all files will be available locally.


    Regarding the folders have a “failed sync” icon, can you send a screenshot of the folder and contents? My email is jeffpatt at microsoft dot com.





    giovedì 17 maggio 2018 18:07
  • Hi Jeff,

    Not all photos that have been opened have thumbnails, and sometimes they show a thumbnail for a second and then disapear. 

    My Onedrive folder does show thumbnails, however the files are not downloaded to my pc (on-demand), is this coming to Workfolders later as well? 

    I'll send you the screenshots.



    venerdì 18 maggio 2018 07:13
  • OneDrive does support thumbnails when using the on-demand feature.

    For Work Folders, we’ll consider supporting thumbnails in the future (requires server-side changes).

    venerdì 18 maggio 2018 19:56
  • Jeff, we are seeing this problem with files that are synced to the Windows 10 computer via Work Folders.  On-demand is available but not being used.  Do we need to disable on-demand completely to get thumbnails to work?  We are in the process of rolling out 300 computers and really need to try and resolve this if possible so any assistance you can provide would be great.



    venerdì 9 novembre 2018 21:47
  • "Do we need to disable on-demand completely to get thumbnails to work?"

    I have test: it do not help.

    another test's:

    windows-10-1709 & Server 2016/2019 - with thumbnails

    windows-10-1803/1809 & Server 2016/2019 - without thumbnails

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