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  • Hello there,
    I need your help to face this issue that I'm not able to solve on my own.
    I have the subreport A in the subreport B. Calling subreport B, all contents of B and A are correctly shown.
    The subreport B is included in a Tablix in the report C. Calling subreport C, all contents of A , B and C are correctly shown.
    The report C is included in the main report D with others subreports.
    Calling main report D, in Vstudio, a warning message is shown before preview, " An error occured during local report processing. the ParameterValue expression for the subreport 'Sub_B' contains an error: Exception of type 'Microsoft.Reporting.Services.ReportProcessing-DataCacheUnavailableException' was thrown." If I refresh the preview, report D does appear and show all the subreport contents except for subreport B and A where "Error: Subreport could not be shown" appear ( one more times depending on tablix row).

    Since report C works fine, I wonder why calling report D (that includes C) only the contents of sureport B and A are not correctly shown?

    Is there any limit on maximum number of nested subreports? Are there any points to consider?

    Thank you in advance.


    giovedì 6 febbraio 2020 11:36


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