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  • Hi, so I noticed that my C: drive (SSD) is getting filled up constantly and tried to fix it with various solutions but none worked, I decided I would wipe everything out and restart it fresh.

    The problem is that I have 2 drives, one is my ssd (C: drive) and an hard disk (F: drive), I have owned the hard disk since i bought the pc and I wanted to speed up the boot sequence, so I bought the ssd and found out that I could not just copy only the windows 8 files to make the ssd bootable because it could damage files... so I had to clone my entire HD on the ssd.

    Now, I don't know how a reinstall would work... would it wipe out my ssd and hd or just the ssd and leave the hd intact ? And if it would work would the reinstalled version on the ssd conflict with the windows present in the HD?

    Thanks in advance.

    venerdì 13 marzo 2020 11:20

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  • Hi Vedran2.

    If you install Windows from scratch on the SSD, you can completely wipe that disk and have a clean Windows 8 installation; this will also re-create the boot sector and will allow you to choose which Windows installation you would like to star the system from.
    I would suggest you to perform a full backup of your data, completely wipe both the hard disks, execute a clean installation of Windows 8 on the SSD and use the second disk as a data disk.


    Luigi Bruno

    giovedì 19 marzo 2020 16:24