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  • Domanda

  • Hi all,

    I've started to develop a report with fixed body size, that is 1438pt x 809pt, that is the points corrisponding ti screen resolution 1920x1080.

    I've published the report empty (just with a background color and a textbox) and see that it perfectly fit to the display size (no scrollbars)

    Then, adding rectangles and charts (leaving the same body size) the report does not fit anymore the screen size.


    - set ConsumeContainerWhiteSpace to True (as found in a forum): NO LUCK

    - resize the body till to 1420pt x 752 pt : NO LUCK - agian the scrollbars

    How is it possible??? Does someone have an idea?

    Please help

    Thank you
    venerdì 22 gennaio 2021 12:19

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