Hyper-V guest 2008R2 Bitlocker drive locked after reboots


  • I can't seem to find an answer to this. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. I have a 2008 R2 HyperV guest and have configured Bitlocker encryption on the data drive with a password. After the server reboots, the bitlocker drive is locked and i have to enter the password each time. I assume Bitlocker is working as i should? Is there a way to bypass this and not have to enter the password each time the server is rebooted? 
    giovedì 12 luglio 2018 16:23

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  • Sorry, what would you like to achieve? You cannot have auto-unlock on data drives without ruining security. That works only on OS drives in connection with a TPM.

    Sure, you can create a scheduled task that unlocks the drive using the recovery key, but it won't be secure any more.

    venerdì 13 luglio 2018 07:23