GPO´s are still configured and applied to a computer with direct access?


  • the gpo's applied to a computer are still configured and applied to the computer even when is connected to direct access over internet (not direct access gpo´s), you can keep getting new policies when is connected with direct access?
    venerdì 21 giugno 2013 14:26

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  • Yes! That is one of the greatest parts about DirectAccess. It's so automatic, that you get an IPsec tunnel connected even before the user logs in. This means that your Group Policy processing always works. It even means that if your users forget their password or get locked out for some reason, you can reset their password and they can login with the new password right from home (assuming their laptop remembers their home wireless or is plugged in with a LAN cable)
    venerdì 21 giugno 2013 15:19