WAN miniport (IP) problem on windows 8


  • Hallo.

    I need to reinstall WAN miniport(IP) on windows 8.

    I've got a problem with WAN miniport(IP/ipv6/networkmonitor). Devices were shown with yellow warning sign, and I was not able not make VPN connections.

    I spent a lot of time trying to repair devices, an finally I decided to reinstall them.

    I used method similar to one described here:

    There was a problem with uninstallation of devices, but I could manage it by removing 0x20 flag from the devices registry entries (NCF_NOT_USER_REMOVABLE flag).

    Now all three devices have been uninstalled. But I cant install it again.

    The article step is to install it trough "Add device manually" wizard, but it is not found in the list of devices, in spite of commenting part of inf file as it described in the article. The funny part is that when I move inf file to regular folder (for example c:\inf) and use it in the wizard, I can see all the miniport drivers. But when I try to install them I get an error and new "unknown device" in the manager.

    I tried hard to find solution in the internet, TechNet and so on. And finally I am stuck with it. Have no idea nor way to go further. The only solution I have now is to reinstall windows.

    Help, please.

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  • I have found the solution finally.

    It is almost that described in the article. with 2 differences:

    1. to uninstall devices u have to drop NCF_NOT_USER_REMOVABLE flag in the registry

    2. to install drivers u additionally have to copy inf file to some regular folder and use it from there. Also, u have to disable digital signature check before installing drivers. Here is description how to do that:

    Now all WAN miniport devices are healthy, and I able to make VPN connections.

    Thank u for your attention.

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    lunedì 22 aprile 2013 08:51

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